Thesis Students


  • Honors Psychology. Isabella Pallotto (2019). Sociocultural Pressures Associated with Disordered Eating and Body Satisfaction in Female Athletes.
  • Honors Psychology. Katherine Maultsby (2018). You’ve Got a Friend in You: Interpersonal Relationships, Self-Compassion, and Psychological Health.
  • Honors Psychology. Laurel Sheffield (2018). No Pain, No Gain? The Influence of Gender and Athletic Status on Reporting Pain in Sports.
  • Honors CIS Public Health. Emma Granowsky (2018). Perceived Social Support and Academic Achievement in an After-School Program for “At-Risk” Youth.
  • Allison Hancock (2017). The Young and the Restless: Depression, Sleep, and Resilience in College Students
  • Honors: Brigid Behrens (2016). Mind over Matter: Self-compassion, Perceptions of Health, and Health Behaviors in College Settings
  • Honors: Akanksha Das (2016). A Bounce Break: The Effect of a Resilience Intervention on Anxiety and Performance
  • Honors: Maryanne Smith (2016). Great Expectations: Perceived Stress of College Students and the Influence of Faculty Expectations
  • Honors CIS: Haley Rhodes (2016). Maternal Autonomy and Child Nutritional Status in Rural Guatemala
  • Honors: Grace Lee Simmons (2015): Let it Be: An Investigation of the Prevalence, Styles, and Efficacy of Music as a Coping Mechanism