Summer Labs

2019 Resiliency lab

  • Luis Toledo – Davidson College: Heart & hustle: Predictors of depression in college students
  • Emily Rounds – Davidson College: The impact of Intagram content on body satisfaction and negative emotions: An experimental study

picture of Luis, me, and Emily

Pictured: Luis, me, and Emily

2018 Resiliency Lab

  • Kianna Speight – Davidson College – Get it done: Components of self-regulation and psychological health
  • Sara Lin – Davidson College – Impact of exposure to counterstereotypic causality of obesity on beliefs about weight controllability and fat phobia

picture of Sara, me, and Kianna

Pictured: Sara, me, Kianna

2017 Resiliency Lab

  • Katherine Maultsby – Davidson College – Say Ciao to your stress: Effects of studying abroad on perceived stress, resilience, and optimism
  • Celeste Campbell – Gettysburg College – Electoral College: The impact of the 2016 Presidential election on college students’ stress, political involvement, and perceived institutional support

2016 Resiliency Lab

Summer Research Coordinator: Lauren Stutts

Lab Manager:

  • Victoria Guinn, B. S., graduate of Furman University

Students and Project Titles:

  • Allison Hancock – Davidson College – Can’t stop the feeling: Self-control, psychological functioning, and resilience in college students
  • Mary Monroe – Davidson College – Just keep swimming: Optimism, self-compassion, and self-esteem in predicting resilience in college students
  • Jennifer Acosta – Duke University – First in the family: Exploring social and psychological variables across generational status in college students
  • Elizabeth Hadfield – Duke University – The young and the friendless: Social connection, belongingness, and loneliness in second-year college students
  • Erin Jackson – Furman University – Model behavior: How the interpersonal model  predicts disordered eating behaviors in college students
  • Sarah Mickool – Furman University – The early bird gets the worm?  Circadian preference, sleep, and academic outcomes in college students
  • Damara Garcia-Garcia – Johnson C Smith University – Internet zombies: Problematic internet use, feelings of belonginess, and self-control in college students
  • Natoshua Kamara – Johnson C Smith University – A spoon full of sugar? Sweetened beverage intake, healthy eating behaviors, and BMI in the first two years of college

students 2016

  • Back Row: Allison, Erin, Tosh, Jenn, and Liz
  • Front Row: Victoria, Damara, me, Mary, and Sarah

2015 Resiliency Lab

Summer Research Coordinator: Lauren Stutts

Lab Managers:

  • Maddie George, M. A., doctoral candidate in psychology and neuroscience at Duke University
  • Grace Lee Simmons, B. S., graduate of Davidson College, honors in psychology

Students and Project Titles:

  • Brigid Behrens – Davidson College – Treat yo self: Self-compassion, self-regulation, and resilience in first-year college students
  • Maryanne Smith – Davidson College – Optimizing optimism: Positive thinking, loneliness, and resiliency in first-year college students
  • Marleen Jones-Pool – Duke University – This is where I’m meant to be: Influences of belonging in the transition to college
  • Meredith King – Duke University – I got this! (Or not): Self-efficacy, coping and psychological health in first-year college students
  • Meghan Althoff – Furman University – Step away from the mirror: Contingency of self-worth of appearance and social rejection in first-year college students
  • Victoria Guinn – Furman University – Sleep the stress away? A prospective study of the bidirectional relationship between sleep and stress
  • Symone Lawson – Johnson C Smith University – Active body, active mind: Examining physical activity, academic engagement, and stress in first-year college students
  • Korey Smith – Johnson C Smith University – Turn off the lights: Examining electronic device use and sleep in first-year college students

The Duke Endowment Day - Students

  • Back Row: Maddie, Victoria, Korey, Maryanne, Meredith, Grace Lee
  • Front Row: Symone, Marleen, Brigid, Meredith, (me in front)

2014 Resiliency Lab

Summer Research Coordinator: Lauren Stutts

Students and their Project Titles:

  • Meredith Nakano – Davidson College – You’ve got a friend in me: Quality and quantity of friendships and loneliness in college students
  • Grace Lee Simmons – Davidson College – Keep calm and carry on: Investigating coping strategies and psychological health in college students
  • Natalie Allen – Duke University – What does not kill us might not make us stronger: Examining adversity in college students
  • Noura Elsayed – Duke University – First generation college students, academic integration, and emotional and social integration
  • Caroline Mitchell – Furman University – Openness, coping, and wellbeing in college students
  • Jason Pecorella – Furman University – Lately, I’ve been losing sleep: Sleep’s relationship with resilience in college students
  • Lewis McKeliver – Johnson C Smith University – Ethnic differences in values and coping styles in college students
  • Laytifia Williams – Johnson C Smith University – You are what you eat: The relationship between sense of belonging and making healthy choices in college students

Summer students

  • Back Row: Noura, Grace Lee, Jason, Laytifia, Natalie
  • Front Row: Meredith, Caroline, Lauren (me), Lewis