Research Overview


My research is broadly in the area of clinical health psychology.  I currently have three main research streams.

  1. Stress & Resiliency: I recently completed a multi-institution project (Duke, Davidson, Furman, and Johnson C. Smith University) on college student stress and resiliency. We collected longitudinal survey data from students at all 4 institutions for 4 years measuring a variety of demographic, biological, emotional, and behavioral constructs. We are continuing to explore this dataset and are using it to inform campus-wide interventions.
  2. Body Image and Health: Body image and disordered eating are common problems in college students. I recently conducted studies on the following topics in this area: obesity bias, self-compassion and body image; body image, disordered eating, and self-control; and the impact of #fitspiration on body image and negative mood. I will be launching new studies in this area this year.
  3. Adjustment and Positive Outcomes in Rehabilitation Populations: I have most recently conducted studies examining post-traumatic growth in individuals with limb amputations, social participation in individuals with MS, and the positive and negative psychological effects of Parkinson’s Disease. I will be launching new studies in this area this year.

If you are a student and interested in joining in on one of these areas, then send me an email at